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About Us


About Us

Foshan Renli Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a medium-sized enterprise specialized in manufacture and sales of plastic products, Production base has a modern standard factory building 20,000 square meters, production capacity is over one hundred million Yuan.  

It produces various of plastic pallets, standard EU、HP professional logistics boxes, folding boxes and baskets, hollow sheet products, ESD products, storage and sanitation etc, which are widely used in the fields like automobile logistics, Sanitary products, foods, electronics, footwear, pharmaceutical logistics, tobacco logistics, supermarket chain logistics and so on.


Product Center

Pallet series

Plastic pallet (pallet) is a logistics unit that is used in conjunction with forklifts, shelves and other logistics equipment. It can be used to store, load and transport goods. It is one of the essential logistics eq…

Turnover box series

Turnover box, also known as logistics box, is widely used in machinery, automobile, household appliances, light industry, electronics and other industries, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, can be used&…

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