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Foshan Renli Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

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Foshan Renli Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a medium-sized enterprise specialized in manufacture and sales of plastic products, Production base has a modern standard factory building 20,000 square meters, production capacity is over one hundred million Yuan.  

It produces various of plastic pallets, standard EU、HP professional logistics boxes, folding boxes and baskets, hollow sheet products, ESD products, storage and sanitation etc, which are widely used in the fields like automobile logistics, Sanitary products, foods, electronics, footwear, pharmaceutical logistics, tobacco logistics, supermarket chain logistics and so on.

RENLI, the supreme service every step~! The company is committed to providing professional solutions for packaging& design、logistics transport equipment and material storage for customers. More than ten years, with the high quality products and perfect after-sales service, RENLI Company has won trust and relies from the general customers and friends, has set a good reputation and brand image in plastic packaging area!

The brand “RENLI”, derived from “Beautiful”, it means high connotation. Through the efforts of the RENLI people, RENLI has been awarded "Guangzhou Famous Trademark" title.

The company currently has 110 people, and 30 people from above college degree. RENLI has four Departments: Administration Department, Sales Department, Production Department, and Finance Department. Administration Department consists of branches: company culture, after-sales service, human resources, Administrative logistics and logistics transportation team, and so on. Sales department consists of branches: purchasing, domestic & export sales, products development and network marketing; Production Department sets branches: injection molding, Processing and manufacturing and Quality engineering management; Finance Department is equipped with Warehouse management and Financial accounting. The organizational structure is clear; a clear division of responsibilities.

After ten years of development, RENLI has become one of the famous enterprises in southern China Area, especially in auto parts packaging and plastic packaging industry, the world’s top companies have cooperation with our company for many years, such as Panasonic, Hitachi, LG, Toshiba, Procter Gamble, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Ball and so on. Many domestic industry leading enterprises or entities listed company are our high quality customer, such as COFCO, Wrigley, Livzon Pharmaceutical, Dongfeng Liuqi, Kyrgyzstan Duobao, Blue moon, Yuchai group, KANGSHIFU, Yihai Kerry, HAOLAI chemical industry, Seagull bathroom, SF, China mobile, China Unicom, and so on.

RENLI has been rated as “trustworthy enterprise” by Guangdong Contract and Credit Promotion Committee since 2008, is vice-president units in Guangdong Logistics Industry Association; is vice-president unit in Pallet and Unitized Logistics Branch of China Communications and Transportation Association; is a member of China federation of logistics and purchasing, is a member of Guangzhou Quality Association, it has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and Environmental permit certification.

Become high-quality customers’ quality supplier and form long-term partnership is our goal!

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