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Matters needing attention in plastic hollow plate production line
Upload Update:2018-09-20

Foshan Ductile Plastic Products Co., Ltd. has studied, developed and manufactured plastic hollow plate production line for more than ten years. It can provide objective suggestions and customized detailed solutions to meet your specific production and product requirements. Whether it is a single component or a complete set of production lines, Qingdao Shicheng Machinery can maximize your cost-effectiveness and equipment life cycle performance.

Our company can also professionally test the performance of the raw materials and the performance of the products according to the requirements of the customers. Guarantee that customers buy our company's plastic hollow plate production line can be directly produced and sold, to achieve the factory is profitable mode to save customers valuable time. It

The whole set of plastic hollow plate production line is designed and manufactured by our company from the key parts such as feeding, extruder, mold, setting machine, traction and cutting, which can ensure the stability of the mechanical product quality.

Extruder: Special designed screw, advanced temperature control system to ensure stable plasticization performance and extrusion efficiency, the company's outstanding advantages are energy-saving and efficient, the same output, motor power reduction by 20%. It

Mould: high quality alloy die lip and adjustable block, providing uniform pressure. Our company's high precision mold is the guarantee for producing high quality hollow plate products. It

Vacuum staging: interlacing of thermal convection systems ensures high precision finalization and cooling. In the forming of hollow plates, our company's products can achieve high-speed molding without the need for refrigerated water system, saving a lot of energy, improve efficiency. Electrical control system: Microprocessor unit (PLC) is used to control the precise parameters and optimize the operation characteristics. The production solution of the plastic hollow plate production line includes the following main advantages: (1) high efficiency (production efficiency can be contracted, after the effect is paid in full)

Production flexibility (product thickness and quality controllability, the same equipment, the same mold can produce 2-6 mm of products)

Strong adaptability (our equipment can be directly produced with recycled materials, scrap materials and crushed materials, saving more than 30% of production cost)

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