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Matters needing attention in use and maintenance of plastic turnover boxes
Upload Update:2018-09-20

When the plastic turnover box is used, the manufacturer of Foshan toughening plastic turnover box reminds us that we should pay attention to several points:

1, light plastic pallets should be placed to avoid uneven force and damage.

2. When placing the goods, they should be placed evenly, so as to avoid the sharp surface pressing directly on the bottom of the revolving box, which will cause side-slip or damage due to uneven force, and even more serious, the goods in the box will be damaged.

3. When using the matching tray, we should consider whether the size of the revolving box is suitable for the use of this plastic tray, to avoid the improper size, improper placement and the occurrence of sideways or inverted box.

4, when stacking is used, we should consider the load of its own revolving box, and the height of stacking is the most restrictive.

5. must comply with the requirements for stowage of turnover boxes. For example, the quantity and weight of each plastic turnover box in the same shipment must be the same, not less. Different consignees and different goods can not be mixed on a turnover box. The surface of the revolving box should be fully loaded, the yard level, all sides should be flat, 90 degrees in four corners, the top level. In addition to the head mark on the original package, the gross weight, port of destination, number and numbering mark of the cargo in the revolving box must be brushed on both sides of the fork arm of the revolving box forklift truck. The loading weight of each plastic revolving box shall not exceed the maximum gross weight specified.


6. The freight charges for the turnover case cargo shall be calculated according to the gross weight and volume of the turnover case after loading minus the weight of the turnover case and the height of the turnover case, i.e. the freight charges for the turnover case itself shall be exempted.

7. there is a certain limitation on the loading of the goods in the turnover box. Not all goods can be transported in the turnover box. The goods suitable for transporting in revolving boxes are limited to packaged groceries. Bulk, bare, overweight, overlength or refrigerated goods can not be transported as revolving boxes. Two kinds of dangerous goods with different performance must not be shipped on the same turnover box as turnover boxes.

8. Each plastic revolving box must be securely packed with sufficient strength and stability to withstand both general marine risks, handling operations and movement, and certain pressure.

9. When goods are transported in plastic turnover boxes, the word "turnover box" must be marked on all transport documents.

To sum up, plastic turnover boxes can not be carelessly transported, do it well, the transport of goods can be stable and safe.

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