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Performance of plastic turnover box
Upload Update:2018-09-20

Plastic turnover boxes are very common in life, whether in the metropolitan or rural areas are often seen, such as beverages, fruit packaging. What are the properties of plastic turnover boxes? What are the properties of plastic turnover boxes that make them widely used? As follows:

One: Plastic revolving box and plastic tray can be customized according to user needs of various specifications, sizes of revolving box, to make it more satisfied with customer requirements. According to the user's requirements can also be added some special plans, such as aluminum alloy edge, can also be covered, so that the turnover box with dust, elegant shape, generous and other benefits. This is also one of the important factors for the reception of plastic turnover boxes.

Two: Plastic turnover box and plastic tray are made of plastic, so it not only has the advantages of anti-aging and anti-bending, but also has the advantages of high bearing strength, tensile, compression, tearing, high temperature and rich color. It can be used for both turnover and shipment packaging, portable, durable and stackable.

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