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Plastic card board classification
Upload Update:2018-09-20

1. Plastic card board shape classification

Double-sided: This kind of plastic cardboard is suitable for both sides, and is widely used for stacking and shelf use.

Single-sided: can be divided into shelf type and standard type and ordinary type, according to the different mode of use to choose different single-sided plastic card.

Flat type: the surface is smooth and most of the surface is flat, some flat type card surface with a little mesh.

Grid type: the surface is smooth and the surface is mostly grid shaped.

Two. Classification of plastic card board structure

Nine-legged plastic card: the card on the reverse nine-legged distribution, square card in the middle of the four sides and four corners each have four feet card in the middle of a foot a total of nine feet, generally three feet in parallel with three groups of feet in parallel.

Chuan-shaped plastic card board: plastic card board with three sets of legs parallel to each other on the basis of the reverse shape of the nine-legged plastic card board.

Tianzi Plastic Cardboard: Plastic Cardboards with parallel distribution of three groups of feet on the reverse side of the base and three groups of feet on the vertical side.

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